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Jacksonville Builders Hardware

Jacksonville Builders Hardware

George P. Coyle & Sons provides commercial material for industrial, institutional, medical, or private buildings. We stock a wide variety of material; commercial hollow metal doors, builders hardware, roll up doors and security hardware.


  • Full Mortise
  • Half Mortise
  • Half Surface - 5 Knuckle
  • Full Surface
  • Spring Hinges
  • Electrified Hinges
  • Double Acting Spring Hinges
  • Continuous Hinges
  • Electrified Hinges


  • Rim Cylinders
  • Mortise Cylinders
  • Interchangable Cores

Door Closures

  • Surface Mount
  • Concealed
  • Overhead Holders and Stops
  • Offset
  • Gasketing

Door Bottoms

  • Surface Door Bottom
  • Mortise Door Bottom


  • Door Shoes
  • Door Sweeps
  • Astragals
  • Litekits
  • Louvers
  • Electric Strikes Exit Devices
  • Rim Device
  • Vertical Rod Device Mortise Lock
  • Concealed Vertical Rod Device
  • Mortise Lock & Vertical Rod Device
  • Lock Guards
  • Push and Pull Bars
  • Push Plates and Door Pulls
  • Flush Bolts
  • Mortise Locksets
  • Cylindrical Locks
  • Deadlocks
  • Push/Pull Latches

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Why should you buy from George P. Coyle & Sons, Inc.?

  • Knowledgeable about your market and clientele
  • We love what we do
  • Continual commitment to product availability
  • Unsurpassed customer service & support
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly sales staff
  • We have been doing this since 1927

Not sure how to get started?

Coyle & Sons has always been proactive to improve communication between our staff and our clients. We are always available and willing to discuss any project you may have. Having a friendly, professional demeanor has been a priority to us from our inception, over 80 years ago. Talk to us about your needs.

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